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The terms Old Boys and Old Girls are the usual expressions in use in the United Kingdom for former pupils of primary and secondary schools.[1] While these are traditionally associated with independent schools, they are also used for some schools in the state sector. The term is also used for those who attended New Zealand schools, Sri Lankan schools, a few universities in the UK and, to a lesser extent, schools in Australia, Canada, South Africa and Spain.

The Old Boy form is given a specific identification for each school. Some schools use an adjectival form of the school name, such as "Old Etonian", "Old Harrovian", or "Old Oundelian" (old boys of Eton College, Harrow School, and Oundle School).[1] Some use a Latin form derived from the Latin name of the school or its location as "Old Novaportan" (old boys of Adams' Grammar School, Newport, Shropshire). Some are based on the name of the founder, such as "Old Wykehamist" and "Old Alleynian" (for old boys of Winchester College, founded by William of Wykeham, and Dulwich College, founded by Edward Alleyn). Some are based on the school's location or street, such as "Old Gowers" (for University College School, originally in Gower Street). Many of the schools have histories dating back several hundred years, and the Old Boy forms may have been in use for a hundred years or more. Other more recently established schools have devised Old Boy names that are distinctive to prevent confusion with other schools. The tradition for many girls' schools has been to use the term "Seniors" rather than "Old Girls".

Almost all of these schools have old boy associations that use the official name. Some schools have amalgamated or been renamed through various transformations, but they usually maintain a consistent name for their old boy associations. Many of these schools have teams that compete nationally in sports such as cricket, rugby union, association football, field hockey and golf, and these teams are usually referred to by the standard Old Boy name, although some also have nicknames. In deference to this tradition, the standard "Old Boys" is often used for sporting clubs and used as part of many sporting associations and clubs worldwide. Examples include Argentine football club Newell's Old Boys, New Zealand rugby union club High School Old Boys RFC and Swiss football club BSC Old Boys.

Lists of schools and old boy associations[edit]


School Type Old Boys/Girls Derivation Location Notes
Bishop Cotton Boys' School, Bangalore Old Cottonians[2]
The Doon School, Dehradun Doscos[3][4] A contraction of "Doon" and "School"
La Martiniere Calcutta Old Martinians[5]
La Martiniere Lucknow Old Martinians[5]
Mayo College Old Mayoites[6]
Mayo College Girls School Old Mayoites[6]
Mount Carmel School Mount Carmelites
St Paul's School, Darjeeling Old Paulites[7]
Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun Old Rimcollians[8] From abbreviation of name to "RIM Coll."
Lawrence School, Sanawar Old Sanawarians[9]
Lawrence School, Lovedale Old Lawrencians[10]

New Zealand[edit]

School Type Old Boys/Girls Derivation Location Notes
King's College, Auckland Old Collegians
St Peter's College, Auckland St Peter's Old Boys St Peter's College Old Boys Association
Tawa College, Wellington Tawa College Old Boys

Sri Lanka[edit]

School Type Old Boys/Girls Derivation Location Notes
Dharmaraja College, Kandy Old Rajans
Nalanda College, Colombo Old Nalandians
Royal College, Colombo Old Royalists Colombo
S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia Old Thomians
Trinity College, Kandy Old Trinitians
Zahira College, Colombo Old Zahirians

South Africa[edit]

School Type Old Boys/Girls Derivation Location Notes
Diocesan College Old Diocesans
Grey College, Bloemfontein Old Greys
Highbury Preparatory School Old Highburians
Hilton College Old Hiltonians
Kearsney College Kearsney College Old Boys
Roedean School (South Africa) Old Roedeanians
King Edward VII School (Johannesburg) Old Edwardians
Maritzburg College Old Collegians
Michaelhouse Michaelhouse Old Boys
Paarl Boys' High School Paarl Old Boys
Paarl Gimnasium Paarl Gimnasium Old Boys
Rondebosch Boys' High School Rondebosch Old Boys
St Stithians College Old Stithians
St Andrew's College, Grahamstown Old Andreans From Andreas, Latin for "Andrew"
Selborne College Old Selbornians


School Type Old Boys/Girls Derivation Location Notes
Instituto San Isidro Old Franciscans
Runnymede College Old Runnymedians
Colegio del Pilar Old Pilarists
Colegio Gaztelueta Old Opusdeists
Nuestra Señora de Montesión Old Zionists

United States[edit]

School Type Old Boys/Girls Derivation Location Notes
Phillips Academy Old Phillipians

United Kingdom[edit]

School Type Old Boys/Girls Derivation Location Notes
Abingdon School Independent day and boarding school Old Abingdonians[11] Abingdon-on-Thames
Adams' Grammar School Grammar school, Boarding school, Academy Old Novaportans[12] From the town in which the school is situated Newport, Shropshire
Addey and Stanhope School Voluntary-aided Old Addeyans [13] From the founder of the Addey School, John Addey[14] Lewisham, London
Aldenham School Old Aldenhamians[15]
Ampleforth College Old Amplefordians[16]
Archbishop Tenison's Church of England High School, Croydon Old Tenisonians
Archbishop Tenison's Church of England School Old Tenisonians[17] Same foundation
Ardingly College Old Ardinians[18] "Ardinian" refers to Ardingly
Arnold School Old Arnoldians[19][20]
Ashville College Old Ashvillians[21]
Astley Sports College and Community High School Old Astleians
Bablake School Old Wheatleyans From the school's main benefactor, Thomas Wheatley
Badminton School Old Badmintonians [22]
Bancroft's School Old Bancroftians[23]
Batley Grammar School Old Batelians "Bately" is an alternative spelling of Batley
Bedales School Old Bedalians[24]
Bedford School Old Bedfordians[25][26]
Bedford Modern School Old Bedford Modernians[27]
Bedlingtonshire Community High School Old Bedlingtonians
St Bede's College, Manchester Old Bedians
Bemrose School Old Bemrosians Closed 1989
Benenden School Benenden Seniors "Seniors" avoids the term "old girls"
Berkhamsted School Old Berkhamstedians[28]
Birkdale School Old Birkdalians
Birkenhead School Old Birkonians
Bishop Gore School Old Goreans
Bishop's Stortford College Old Stortfordians[29]
Bishop Wordsworth's School Old Wordsworthians
Bloxham School Old Bloxhamists
Blundell's School Old Blundellians
Bolton School Old Boltonians
Bootham School Bootham Old Scholars
Bradfield College Old Bradfieldians
Bradford Grammar School Old Bradfordians
Brentwood School (Essex) Old Brentwoods
Bridgnorth Endowed School Old Bridgnorthians
Brighton College Old Brightonians
Bristol Cathedral Choir School Old Cathedralians
Bristol Grammar School Old Bristolians -
Bromley High School Bromley Old Girls
Bromsgrove School Old Bromsgrovians
Bruce Castle School Old Brucastrians Castra is Latin for castle Closed 1891
Bryanston School Old Bryanstonians
Bury Grammar School Old Clavians From the school motto Sanctas Clavis Hic Fores Aperit (c. 1570)
Buxton College Old Buxtonians
Calday Grange Grammar School Old Caldeians
Campbell College Old Campbellians
Canford School Old Canfordians
Caterham School Old Caterhamians
Charterhouse School Old Carthusians From the Carthusian Order, which founded the Charterhouses
Chatham House Grammar School Old Ruymians From an old name for Thanet
Cheadle Hulme School Old Waconians From the former name of Warehousemen and Clerks' Orphan Schools (WaCO)
Cheltenham College Old Cheltonians Cheltenham changed to Chelton-
Chigwell School Old Chigwellians
Christ College, Brecon Old Breconians
Christ's Hospital Old Blues
Churcher's College Old Churcherians
City of London School Old Citizens "Citizen" originally referred to one belonging to a city
City of Oxford School City of Oxford School Old Boys
Clifton College Old Cliftonians
Colchester Royal Grammar School Old Colcestrians
Colfe's School Old Colfeians
The College of Richard Collyer Old Collyerians
Cothill House Prep Old Cothillians
Cranleigh School Old Cranleighans
Culford School Old Culfordians
Dauntsey's School Old Dauntseians
Dean Close School Old Decanians Decanus is Latin for Dean
Denstone College Old Denstonians
Derby School Old Derbeians Closed 1989
Derby Grammar School Adopted name of former school's old boys by permission of Old Derbeian Association
Diss Grammar School Old Dysseans
Dollar Academy Old Academicals
Douai School Old Dowegians From Douai's medieval English name Doway (compare Norwegian)
Dover College Old Dovorians
Dover Grammar School for Boys Old Pharosians From Latin pharos, lighthouse, referring to the Roman lighthouses for which Dover was once famous.
Downe House School Downe House Seniors Avoids term "old girls"
Down High School Old Dunumians Taken from the schools Latin Motto, "Floreat Dunum"
Downside School Old Gregorians Founded by Gregorian Order
Dragon School Old Dragons
Dulwich College Old Alleynians After the founder (1619) Edward Alleyn
Durham School Old Dunelmians Dunelm is the Latin signature of the Bishop of Durham
Eastbourne College Old Eastbournians
Edinburgh Academy Edinburgh Academicals
Elizabeth College, Guernsey Old Elizabethans Guernsey
Ellesmere College Old Ellesmerians
Eltham College Old Elthamians
Emanuel School Old Emanuels
Epsom College Old Epsomians
Ermysted's Grammar School Old Ermystedians
Eton College Old Etonians
Exeter School Old Exonians
Fairfield Grammar School Old Fairfieldians
Felsted School Old Felstedians
Fettes College Old Fettesians
Forest School (Walthamstow) Old Foresters
Foster's School Old Fosterians
Framlingham College Old Framlinghamians
Frensham Heights School Old Frenshamians
Friars School, Bangor Old Dominicans Established on a Dominican Friary (1557)
Furness Academy Old Barrovians "Barrovian" refers to the Barrow of Barrow-in-Furness
Giggleswick School Old Giggleswickians
Glenalmond College Old Glenalmond
Godolphin and Latymer School Old Dolphins Abbreviation of Godolphin
Gordonstoun Old Gordonstounians
Gresham's School Old Greshamians
Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School Old Haberdashers
Haileybury and Imperial Service College Old Haileyburians
Hampton School Old Hamptonians
Hanley Castle High School Old Hancastrians
The Harrodian School Old Harrodians
Harrow School Ind Old Harrovians
Harrow High School Comp Old Gaytonians After original site in Gayton Road
Hawtreys Prep Old Hawtreysians
Headington School, Oxford Old Headingtonians
Hereford Cathedral School Old Herefordians
Highgate School Old Cholmeleians After founder Sir Roger Cholmeley
Hull Grammar School Hull Old Grammarians
Hulme Grammar School Oldham Hulmeians
Hurstpierpoint College Old Johnians Formerly St John's College, Hurstpierpoint
Hymers College Old Hymerians
Ibstock Place School Old Ibstonians
Ilford County High School Old Parkonians From former name Park Higher Grade School
Ilkeston Grammar School Old Ilkestonians
Ipswich School Old Ipswichians
John Roan School Old Roans
The Judd School Old Juddians
Kelly College Old Kelleians
Kendrick School Kendrick Old Girls
Kimbolton School Old Kimboltians
King's College School Old Kings
King's College, Taunton Old Aluredians Name "King's College" was given in honour of King Alfred, and "Aluredian" refers to him
The King's School, Chester Old King's Scholars Chester
The King's School, Canterbury Old King's Scholars Canterbury
The King's School, Peterborough Old Petriburgians
King's School, Rochester Old Roffensians "Roffensis" is a Latin adjective from Rochester's name in Old English
The King's School, Worcester Old Vigornians Latin Vigorniensis, of Worcester
King's School, Bruton Old Brutonians
King Edward VI Aston Aston Old Edwardians
King Edward VI School (Bury St Edmunds) Old Burians
King Edward VI Grammar School (Chelmsford) Old Chelmsfordians
King Edward VI School, Southampton Old Edwardians Southampton
King Edward VII School, Sheffield Old Edwardians Sheffield
King Edward's School, Birmingham Old Edwardians Birmingham
King Edward's School, Witley Old Witleians
King Henry VIII School, Coventry Old Coventrians
King George V College Old Georgians
Kingswood School Old Kingswoodians Bath
Kirkham Grammar School Old Kirkhamians
Lancaster Royal Grammar School Old Lancastrians
Lancing College Old Lancing
Langley School, Loddon Icenians Refers to the Iceni who once occupied the locality
Latymer Upper School Old Latymerians
Lawrence Sheriff School Old Laurentians
Leicester Grammar School Old Leicestrians
Leighton Park School Old Leightonians
Leeds Grammar School Old Leodiensians
Liverpool College Old Lerpoolians
The Leys School Old Leysians
The London Oratory School Old Oratorians/London Oratorians
The Cathedral School, Llandaff Old Llandavians
Llandovery College Old Llandoverians
Lord Williams's School, Thame Old Tamensians Refers to Thame
Loretto School Old Lorettonians
Loughborough Grammar School Old Loughburians
Ludgrove School Old Ludgrovians
Lewis School, Pengam Old Ludovicans Ludovicus, the Latin version of the name 'Lewis'
Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle Independent previously Lycée Français de Londres
Magdalen College School, Oxford Old Waynfletes After founder, William Waynflete
Maidstone Grammar School Old Maidstonians
Malvern School Old Malvernians
Manchester Grammar School Old Mancunians Mancunia, a Latin name for Manchester
Marlborough College Old Marlburians
Merchant Taylors' School, Crosby Old Crosbeians
Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood Old Merchant Taylors
Merchiston Castle School Merchistonians
Midhurst Grammar School Old Midhurstians
Millfield Old Millfieldians
Mill Hill School Old Millhillians
Monkton Combe School Old Monktonians
Monkwearmouth School Old Monkwearmuthians
Mount Radford School Old Radfordians
North London Collegiate School Old North Londoners
Northampton School for Boys Old Northamptonians
Norwich School Old Norvicensians From Norvic, Latin name of Norwich
Nottingham High School Old Nottinghamians
Oakham School Old Oakhamians
Old Swinford Hospital Old Foleyans After founder, Thomas Foley
The Oratory School Old Oratorians
Oswestry School Old Oswestrians[30]
Oundle School Old Oundelians
Pangbourne College Old Pangbournians
Pate's Grammar School Old Patesians
The Perse School Old Perseans
Peter Symonds College Old Symondians
Pierrepont School, Frensham Old Pierrepontians
Pocklington School Old Pocklingtonians
Port Regis School Old Portregians
Portsmouth Grammar School Old Portmuthians
Portora Royal School Old Portorans
The Prebendal School Old Prebendalians
Princethorpe College Old Princethorpians
Queen's College, London Old Queens
Queen's College, Taunton Old Queenians
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Blackburn Old Blackburnians
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield Old Savilians After one of founders Thomas Saville (1591)
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital Old Elizabethans
Queen Margaret's School, York Old Margaretians
Queen Mary's Grammar School Grammar Old Marians Walsall
Queenswood School Old Queenswoodians
Radley College Old Radleians
Ratcliffe College Old Ratcliffians
Ravenscroft School Old Ravens
Reading School Old Redingensians
Reed's School Old Reedonians
Reigate Grammar School Old Reigatians
Repton School Old Reptonians
Rendcomb College Old Rendcombians
Ripon Grammar School Old Riponians
Roedean School Old Roedeanians
Rossall School Old Rossallians
Royal Belfast Academical Institution Old Instonians
RGS Worcester Old Elizabethans Chartered by Queen Elizabeth I
Royal Grammar School, Guildford Old Guildfordians
Royal Grammar School, Newcastle Old Novocastrians From Novocastria, Latin name of Newcastle
Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe Old Wycombiensians
Royal Russell School Old Russellians
The Royal School, Armagh Old Armachians
Royal Wolverhampton School Old Royals
Rugby School Old Rugbeians
Ruthin School Old Ruthinians
Rutlish School Old Rutlishians
Rydal Penrhos Old Rydalians
Rye St Antony School Old Girls of Rye
Shrewsbury School Old Salopians From Salopia, the Latin for Shropshire
Seaford College Old Seafordians
Sedbergh School Old Sedberghians
Sevenoaks School Old Sennockians "Sennock", a local pronunciation of "Sevenoaks"
Sherborne School Old Shirburnians
Sir George Monoux College Old Monovians
Sir John Deane's College, Northwich Old Wittonians From Witton, an ancient name for Northwich
Solihull School Old Silhillians Solihull demonym
The Skinners' School Old Skinners
St Andrew's School, Pangbourne Prep Old St Andrews
St Bees School Old St Beghians From Saint Bega
St Benedict's School Old Priorians From school's original name, Ealing Priory School
St Clement Danes School Old Danes
St Columba's College, St Albans Old Columbans St Albans
St Dunstan's College Old Dunstonians
St Edward's School, Oxford Old St Edwards
St Faith's School Old Fidelians Fides, fidelis Latin for "faith"
St George's College, Weybridge Old Georgians Weybridge
St George's School, Harpenden Old Georgians Harpenden
St Ignatius' College Old Ignatians
St Ivo School Old Ivoans
St John's College, Portsmouth Old Johannians Per Laborem Ad Honorem Southsea, Portsmouth
St John's School, Leatherhead Old Johnians Leatherhead
St Lawrence College, Ramsgate Old Lawrentians
St Leonard's School St Leonards School Seniors Avoids term old boys
St Olave's Grammar School Old Olavians
St Paul's School, London Old Paulines
St Paul's Girls' School Old Paulinas
St Peter's School, York Old Peterites
St Swithun's School, Winchester Old Swithunites
Stamford School Old Stamfordians
Stowe School Old Stoics A pun on the name of "Stowe" and the philosophy of Stoicism
Stonyhurst College Old Stonyhursts
Stockport Grammar School Old Stopfordians "Stopfordian" means 'of Stockport'
Strand School Old Strandians
Summer Fields School Old Summerfieldians
Sunningdale School Old Sunningdalians
Sutton Grammar School for Boys Old Suttonians
Sutton Valence School Old SV Abbreviation
Taunton School Old Tauntonians
Tonbridge School Old Tonbridgians
Trent College Old Tridents From Tridentum, the Latin name of Trent
Trinity School of John Whitgift Old Mid-Whitgiftians The original name of Trinity School was Whitgift Middle School|
Truro School Old Truronians
Twyford School Old Twyfordians
University College School Old Gowers After Gower Street, where it was located
Upton Court Grammar School Old Paludians From Latin palus, a slough. See also Slough Grammar School
Victoria College, Jersey Old Victorians
Uppingham School Old Uppinghamians
Wallington County Grammar School Old Walcountians
Warminster School Old Verlucians William Camden's identification of the Roman town of Verlucio with Warminster[31]
Watford Grammar School for Boys Old Fullerians After founder Elizabeth Fuller
Warwick School Old Warwickians
Wells Cathedral School Old Wellensians[32]
Wellingborough School Old Wellingburians
Wellington College, Berkshire Old Wellingtonians
West Buckland School Old West Bucklands
West Downs School Old West Downs Closed 1988
West Hill Park School Old Westhillians[33]
Westcliff High School for Boys Old Westcliffians
Westminster School Old Westminsters
Whitgift School Old Whitgiftians
William Hulme's Grammar School Old Hulmeians
Wilson's School Old Wilsonians
Wimbledon College Old Wimbledonians
Wisbech Grammar School Wisbech Old Grammarians
Worksop College Old Worksopians
Wrekin College Old Wrekinians
Wolverhampton Grammar School Old Wulfrunians Wulfrunia, Latin for Wolverhampton
Worth School Old Worthians
Wycliffe College (Gloucestershire) Old Wycliffians
Winchester College Old Wykehamists After founder William of Wykeham (1382)
Woodhouse Grove School Old Grovians
Wycombe Abbey Wycombe Abbey Seniors
Yarm School Old Yarumians After the Viking name for Yarm, Yarum

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